Warranty Policy

Engine Warranty Void unless: All External parts that are worn, defective, different or missing are replaced and radiator flow tested by radiator shop (warranty requires dated receipt). Timing components, injectors, oil cooler, thermostat, and water pump must be replaced. Engines are sold as interchangeable long block, year and model may differ; Warranty Limited to 90 days from purchase date: unauthorized dismantling of heads and blocks void the warranty. If heat tabs are melted or removed, warranty void. Warranty does not include switches, sensors or any labor charges. Inspect and replace seals before installation if necessary. Warranty does not cover negligence or abuse of unit. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU re-seal transmission and engine oil pans. Engines come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise specified on the invoice.

Transmission Warranty : This transmission is sold as an interchangeable unit with a 90-day warranty. We do not guaranty the exact year and model ordered. We remove oil pan and filter to inspect the unit. Customer responsibility: Replace seals, gaskets, and filter before installing! Torque converter must be properly seated and aligned to the front pump. Cooling lines must be flushed of debris before installing. Some will come with NO fluid, please check and fill fluid to manufacturer levels. Failure to do any of the above VOIDS WARRANTY. This warranty does not cover fluid leaks, switches, sensors or any labor charges. Please drain the returned core. cannot and will not guaranty miles. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU re-seal transmission and engine oil pans.

Transfer Case Warranty : This transfer case is sold as an interchangeable unit. We do not guarantee exact year and model ordered. Transfer case is warranted for 90 days. Verify and check fluid type, levels, and viscosity requirements. Warranty does not include shift motor, switches, sensors or any labor charges. Inspect and replace seals before installation if necessary. Warranty does not cover negligence.


  • No refunds on special ordered parts, including cuts.
  • No refunds on Electrical. Exchange only.
  • All returns must be accompanied by the original receipt.
  • All checks have a 14 business day waiting period before a refund will be issued.
  • Restock fees to include shipping & handling & all labor charges incurred or 20% of the selling price, whichever is greater. The labor rate is $50.00 per hour.
  • does not guarantee mileage. We do not cover labor charges.
  • Abuse, Commercial Use, Industrial Use Voids any & all warranties.
  • We provide a one-time warranty claim service for our products. You may only file a single warranty claim on any product you purchase from us, without the possibility of filing any future claims on the same product. Our warranty claim service professionals will work diligently to ensure your warranty claim experience is a success. We reserve the right to charge any necessary fees in connection with the fulfillment of any valid warranty claim.

    The liability of USED TRANSMISSIONS NEAR ME is solely and exclusively limited to supplying a replacement of engine and transmission if available or refunding purchase price. USED TRANSMISSIONS NEAR ME does not assume and has no liability for labour costs or replacement of oil or anti-freeze, impairment to other engine and transmission parts or components towing charges, telephone calls, freight, lost profits, lost time, substitute transportation or replacement vehicle or any other consequential impairments. USED TRANSMISSIONS NEAR ME has no responsibility for any failure resulting from improper installation, modification of the product faulty or incompatible parts and accessories and/or abnormal use of operation.

    State and federal laws regulate odometer mileage for most used automobiles, but odometer mileage determinations for used engines and transmissions parts are not practically possible, and are not subject to known state and federal laws. Determination of mileage use for used engines or transmissions cannot be done with certainty because these engines and transmissions are routinely sold and transferred separate and apart from the original vehicle in which they were installed. Therefore all representations of mileage are estimates based upon information and belief. USED TRANSMISSIONS NEAR ME does, however, offer considerable engine and transmission part warranties regardless of mileage, relying upon USED TRANSMISSIONS NEAR ME expertise evaluation of its products. In the event that the Buyer defaults in the terms of payment, the Buyer agrees to reimburse USED TRANSMISSIONS NEAR ME for all cost and reasonable attorney fees it incurs in a collection action.

    Administrator's Right To Terminate Benefits: In the event of a claim, administrator reserves the right to terminate the benefits of this product warranty upon the discovery of fraud or misrepresentation of a material fact by the purchaser or the purchaser's representative. Evidence of fraud or misrepresentation is forwarded to the proper state and federal authorities. Any vehicle used in the commission of a crime will have all benefits terminated.

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