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W58 Transmission For Sale Near Me

W58 Transmission For Sale Near Me

The Toyota w58 transmission is used in several vehicles, including the Supra, Celica, and Cressida. It is the most powerful transmission in the W family, and its gearing is more aggressive than the W57. Its gearing ratio is 3.485:1 in the first gear, and 0.783:1 in the fifth gear. The 3.385:1 first-gear ratio makes it suitable for driving up to 68 mph.

The W58 is a four-wheel-drive transmission that was manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. It shares a bell housing-to-body bolt pattern with other Aisin-built transmissions, and the gear ratios are comparable to the W57 and W58. This was a common truck transmission and was available for both front- and rear-drive vehicles. These types of vehicles also have a high-power overdrive ratio, making them useful for higher-powered vehicles.

The Toyota W58 has a unique shape that enables it to shift between four and three ratios without altering the vehicle's overall weight. The transmission is a close-ratio unit, though it doesn't meet all of the closed-ratio criteria. This transmission is the favorite of Toyota engineers, and is found in many models. While the W57 and W58 are both capable of converting power to the rear wheels, the W58 is even stronger for higher-powered vehicles.

A Toyota W58 transmission is an excellent choice for high-powered applications. The W58 was made for use in trucks and other heavier-duty vehicles. The W58 features a low-ratio for heavy-duty applications, and is similar to the W57/W58 in terms of gear ratio. Its low-ratio design helps accelerate heavy-duty vehicles, but it has a high-power ratio.

The W58 was the first Toyota transmission to offer ratio shifts for both two- and four-wheel drive vehicles. It replaced the steel-case W40 in 1980 and was the first transmission offered with a rear-wheel drive version. The W58 had a direct 1:1 ratio in the 4th gear and a shortened intermediate shaft, and its rpm drop was similar to the W57/W58.

The Toyota W58 is a two-wheel-drive transmission. Its ratios are similar to the W57/W58. The W56 has a higher rpm than the W57/W58. This transmission was used in both four-wheel-drive and two-wheel-drive applications. In addition, the W58 was also the first to use overdrive. Its four-wheel-drive version has a direct 1:1 ratio between the input shaft and the intermediate shaft.

A Toyota W58 transmission is an excellent choice for any vehicle. It is compatible with most Toyota vehicles and has an excellent first- and third-gear ratio. It is also compatible with the 2.4-liter model of the Camry. While the Toyota W58 is not an original choice for the Triumph six, it has many benefits over its four-speed counterpart. These two cars were designed for different purposes. They all have a unique look, but most have the same basic mechanical components.

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