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Turbo 350 Transmission For Sale Near Me

Turbo 350 Transmission For Sale Near Me

The Turbo 350 transmission is the most powerful, shortest automatic transmission ever made. Its case is made of aluminum alloy and has an integral bellhousing. The TH350 is 120 pounds and weighs only 68 pounds. Its oil pan is chamfered at the rear passenger side corner. Designed by Ford, this engine was used in GM trucks and vans from the early '70s through the '80s.

This type of transmission features an aluminum case with thirteen bolt holes. It has a five-sided oil pan with a square bottom. The TH350 has a vacuum modulator attached to the valve body in the right rear. The TH350C uses a four-wire plug connection on the left side of the case. It is 125 pounds and weighs about 10 kilograms. Its manual shift system is a great option for those who are looking to modify their cars.

TH350 transmissions look the same from the outside, but the specifications can vary. You'll need to check the torque converter, clutch pack, and band specifications before making a decision. This will affect how strong the gearbox is. It is important to choose the right transmission for the car you plan to modify. It's also best to buy a remanufactured unit, as it will be cheaper and easier to install.

The TH350 is a popular three-speed automatic shift that was introduced in 1969. GM developed the TH350 after the Powerglide and was a joint effort between Buick and Chevrolet. It is known for being compact and strong, and it was installed in almost all rear-wheel-drive GM vehicles until the 700R4 transmission was introduced in 1982. TH350s can be found in super sport, heavy-duty, and mild-duty models.

There are many sources for used TH350s for sale near me. You can find a pre-assembled model or a used one for repair. The TH350C has an aluminum case and a four-wire plug connection on the left side. It weighs around 125 pounds. If you want to install a TH350 on a GM car, the parts needed for the conversion are available at Spicer's online store.

The TH350 is an aluminum transmission with 13 bolt holes and a five-sided oil pan. Its Y350C model is equipped with a TH350C-style transmission case and four-wire connector. It weighs about 125 pounds. Its oil pan has a four-wire plug connection on the left side. Its Y350C is the newest of all TH350 models, and it comes in two versions: the Y350C.

TH350s are excellent for performance street rods. TH350s are the most common option for automatic conversions. They are easy to find and require less horsepower and torque. TH350s are also the cheapest to buy. You can even get a used TH350 for sale near me by contacting a local mechanic. These are the best parts to upgrade a vehicle. If you need to replace your TH350, look for a professional.

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